Reacting To My Boxing Fight



I react to my boxing fight against Michael Le as well as all the memes from the event

ON June 12th Jarvis fought Michael Le as part of the Social Gloves LVnews vs. TikTok event with Austin McBroom from The Ace Family, Bryce Hall, Deji aka KSI brother, DDG, Tanner Fox, Tayler Holder, Vinnie Hacker, AnesonGibson and more!! Shoutout Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather

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🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss


  • Elements Viní
    Elements ViníPirms 2 Stundām

    Kkkk ó u aimbot aí

  • Mercy Justin
    Mercy JustinPirms 7 Stundām

    Fight with ksi

  • mike roblox
    mike robloxPirms dienas

    Brb o you got me when you screamed 🤣

  • Jme0206
    Jme0206Pirms dienas

    I love you

  • Myers massacre
    Myers massacrePirms dienas

    Honestly Jarvis handled the fight like a champ most other people would shit on their opponent

  • bella gonzalez
    bella gonzalezPirms dienas

    Gooood job this was my favorite fight u the #1 that was really fun to watch congrats💞

  • Gerardo Sanchez
    Gerardo SanchezPirms dienas

    Stfu Jarvis we get it u won god dam

  • nataly callejas
    nataly callejasPirms 2 dienām

    Jarvus won bc ge doesnt miss a shot

  • JohnnyLighting321 Cotto
    JohnnyLighting321 CottoPirms 2 dienām


  • JohnnyLighting321 Cotto
    JohnnyLighting321 CottoPirms 2 dienām

    Literally when you hit for your assault rifle and it does tend to damage Jarvis does that with a knockout

  • Rogelio Antillon
    Rogelio AntillonPirms 2 dienām

    I hate you Jarvis

  • Blue crayon
    Blue crayonPirms 2 dienām

    You 200 pump him

  • never lived
    never livedPirms 2 dienām

    Fortnite need to unbanned you

  • Hop Nguyen Thi
    Hop Nguyen ThiPirms 2 dienām

    If michael lee little bro was there man that would be so sad and embrassing

  • AlexTheGreat714
    AlexTheGreat714Pirms 3 dienām

    Bruh at least michael le tried I fucking hate FaZe Jarvis

  • StormZGetsBands
    StormZGetsBandsPirms 3 dienām

    FaZe Jarvis VS Donald Mustard

  • William Burbidge
    William BurbidgePirms 3 dienām

    are u ever gonna fight again

  • Lisica te gleda
    Lisica te gledaPirms 3 dienām

    This is called aimbot

  • Kai.
    Kai.Pirms 3 dienām

    Faze Jarvis Aimbot in real life be like

  • Morgan Hill
    Morgan HillPirms 3 dienām

    You done good mate I really thought tiktok will win

  • Dady Tsoulfas
    Dady TsoulfasPirms 3 dienām

    You dont now how to play kick

  • sarimiface
    sarimifacePirms 3 dienām


  • Isaías López
    Isaías LópezPirms 3 dienām

    You won because Michael contact came out

  • snipez
    snipezPirms 4 dienām

    This seems like something Jarvis would never do. And of course aimbot

  • kofi kulcha
    kofi kulchaPirms 4 dienām

    His contacts fell out xdd

  • Unknown King
    Unknown KingPirms 5 dienām


  • Ramesh Peters
    Ramesh PetersPirms 5 dienām

    Michael deserved to win.

  • BTbenuel


    Pirms 5 dienām


  • Dark Warriorッ
    Dark WarriorッPirms 5 dienām

    He locked on Micheal Le Jarvis literally turned into a human aimbot

  • Lukito


    Pirms dienas

    Ban Jarvis form boxing he started hacking

  • Budda Blue
    Budda BluePirms 5 dienām

    Bro went full demon mode😈 in this fight just to get slumbered by Ryan higa😭😭😭

  • Boxed by nev
    Boxed by nevPirms 5 dienām

    Jarvis don’t play fortnite but fortnite should make a Jarvis skin

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly JacksonPirms 5 dienām

    You can throw a fist kid. You did good.

  • God zeruka
    God zerukaPirms 5 dienām

    We need another fight vs Jarvis vs ?????

  • sylina rios
    sylina riosPirms 6 dienām


  • Forinte Is ded
    Forinte Is dedPirms 6 dienām


  • Joe Roch
    Joe RochPirms 6 dienām


  • MTR Clan
    MTR ClanPirms 6 dienām

    Faze jarvis vs Justin

  • doppio Drip
    doppio DripPirms 6 dienām

    He got 360 no scoped and got downed

  • Levi Grissom
    Levi GrissomPirms 6 dienām

    7:38 my guy went god mode

  • eclipse LG
    eclipse LGPirms 6 dienām

    Man Micheal Le got struck by the ban hammer

  • Mayo Jeff
    Mayo JeffPirms 7 dienām

    2:25 ayo????????????

  • Larry Aguilar
    Larry AguilarPirms 7 dienām

    imagine this men got banned on fortnite bc u deafet micheal le

  • Joesturrock
    JoesturrockPirms 8 dienām

    Or jarvis vs that island boy

  • Joesturrock
    JoesturrockPirms 8 dienām

    Jarvis vs Dkmoney

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew DavisPirms 8 dienām

    Jarvis ceep up with the good content

  • Axtro shadøw
    Axtro shadøwPirms 8 dienām

    Same bro I love my coach try working on those rolls tho much love jarvis 🙏

  • Adriana Hastings
    Adriana HastingsPirms 8 dienām

    You got banned for aimbot on Fortnite not in the ring tho lol

  • Uriel Arvizu
    Uriel ArvizuPirms 9 dienām

    I told God to give Jarvis power

  • Joey Frye
    Joey FryePirms 9 dienām

    The thing is Michael was missing punches cuz his contact fell out and I don't know

  • Lightning sentinel
    Lightning sentinelPirms 9 dienām

    Man gonna be the new mike mike Tyson

  • Lukas Novikovas
    Lukas NovikovasPirms 9 dienām


  • Lukas Novikovas
    Lukas NovikovasPirms 9 dienām

    Bro I got aimboted I think it was you sus

  • Jay Moon
    Jay MoonPirms 10 dienām

    U didn’t lose because you hit every shot…… the real ones know:)

  • sweaty
    sweatyPirms 10 dienām

    How did you feel uncomfortable gamer killed you in the World Cup Jarvis how did you feel

  • Cat lover purrfect King Leo my cat

    Cat lover purrfect King Leo my cat

    Pirms 3 dienām

    Uncomfortable gamer lololololololol

  • Mikael Paulinocolon
    Mikael PaulinocolonPirms 10 dienām

    I got banned from fort nite 😭

  • Lil Banks Bynum
    Lil Banks BynumPirms 10 dienām

    Jarvis did you use aimbot

  • Joshua Franklin
    Joshua FranklinPirms 10 dienām

    I wanna fight Jarvis cuz he was no comp

  • Kim Taitapanui
    Kim TaitapanuiPirms 10 dienām

    Victory Royale

  • I’m bored
    I’m boredPirms 11 dienām

    I’m sorry but I sorta wish Michael Le would of one

  • Vivian Delgado
    Vivian DelgadoPirms 11 dienām


  • Vardaan
    VardaanPirms 11 dienām

    2:39 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Charla Quigley
    Charla QuigleyPirms 11 dienām

    I I’m a big big fan

  • petrusca shiviku
    petrusca shivikuPirms 11 dienām


    BONDEX4Pirms 11 dienām


  • snowz_09
    snowz_09Pirms 12 dienām

    Who else liked the faze Jarvis victory pose

  • WaltWhitman
    WaltWhitmanPirms 12 dienām


  • S U C C
    S U C CPirms 12 dienām


  • TikTok
    TikTokPirms 12 dienām

    Jarvis i can't believe you beat one of my people in the community

  • mauri oxendine
    mauri oxendinePirms 12 dienām

    bro you were scared in your head

  • SmoothMC
    SmoothMCPirms 12 dienām

    what's the name of the music in the outro ?

  • The White Inferno
    The White InfernoPirms 12 dienām

    Bro this guys punches fazed through his blocks

  • Papi Chance
    Papi ChancePirms 12 dienām

    Jarvis think he can fight now lmao

  • BaconzAreGamers_YT
    BaconzAreGamers_YTPirms 12 dienām

    Bro jarvis aint show mercy if i was micheal le i would just give up llol

  • Sani Thomas
    Sani ThomasPirms 12 dienām

    Michael le just got nock out

  • LordNinja
    LordNinjaPirms 12 dienām

    Jarvis before fight: I think I'm gonna lose At the fight:AAAAAAAHHHHHH IM DIFFERENT IM NOT JARVIS IM THE DEVIL

  • Raed Radeef
    Raed RadeefPirms 12 dienām

    Yo jarvis you and me in Match your gonna beat my a#s

  • SHAvibe 2
    SHAvibe 2Pirms 13 dienām

    i mean faze jarvis aim was cracked back then so he rekted michael le cuz his aim is cracked ofc

  • Sir.Lithium
    Sir.LithiumPirms 13 dienām

    Dudes got comethazine look when he puched the dude at the mall 💀

  • Shanita B
    Shanita BPirms 13 dienām

    Can I get a little Jovis

  • Braughn Brennon Linarez
    Braughn Brennon LinarezPirms 13 dienām

    Bro Michael is swinging like a cat

  • Griselda Gomez
    Griselda GomezPirms 14 dienām

    bro for real congrats but in the begining of the video bro i was shocked of Michael Le's face when you knocked him out

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob MartinezPirms 14 dienām

    Jarvis brother was yelling 🤣

  • Fadiah Rabie
    Fadiah RabiePirms 14 dienām

    Hi Jarvis I subed I love your vides

  • The boss
    The bossPirms 14 dienām

    You were demon man

  • Julien Martin Castano
    Julien Martin CastanoPirms 14 dienām


  • Monst3rPlayZ
    Monst3rPlayZPirms 14 dienām

    So proud of you Jarvis!

  • Tragic
    TragicPirms 14 dienām

    I wonder what Jarvis said to Lee

  • Tragic
    TragicPirms 14 dienām

    Le did it for his little brother and I respect him as a man for that this was a good fight

  • Nate songs
    Nate songsPirms 14 dienām

    Jarvis is insane

  • Sharnee Rajendran
    Sharnee RajendranPirms 15 dienām

    i hate you

    FROST FFPirms 15 dienām

    Le jarvis

  • Vibed_onplaysrbx
    Vibed_onplaysrbxPirms 16 dienām

    Homie locked on

  • sp4sy _ gaming
    sp4sy _ gamingPirms 16 dienām

    Jarvis got that kid mad

  • Nol Kadriu
    Nol KadriuPirms 16 dienām

    Ksi next

  • XxcoryrockxX
    XxcoryrockxXPirms 16 dienām

    Jarvis went ultra instinct mode during this

  • CharCharZero
    CharCharZeroPirms 16 dienām

    Had one boxing match now thinks his professional hahaha.... would give credit if he join silver gloves 🤔 haha

  • kovács árpád
    kovács árpádPirms 16 dienām

    Pls play retry fortnite

  • Aryaman Singh
    Aryaman SinghPirms 16 dienām

    jarvis: 200 pumps michael le Fight : *jarvis was banned from the fight* Jarvis: *crying because he got banned from the fight Edit: how many times did I say "fight"?

  • Rux


    Pirms 13 dienām

    @admin he got suspended not banned

  • Aryaman Singh

    Aryaman Singh

    Pirms 14 dienām

    @admin LOL

  • admin


    Pirms 14 dienām

    He got banned from faze now LOL

  • Benjamin Garcia
    Benjamin GarciaPirms 16 dienām

    I hate you Jarvis

  • Wendy Nankumar
    Wendy NankumarPirms 17 dienām

    Br yr a champ

  • BluePlanet
    BluePlanetPirms 17 dienām

    Hey Jarvis, how about that crypto scam you and your brother were involved in?